What to do with the wedding rings

Taking photos of the happy couple and their guests is only part of the job. I tend to spend a good hour in between the getting ready shots taking photos of the inanimate. Sometimes it takes a little persuasion but so far  I've managed to liberate rings from their keeper and with just a little time and imagination have had some great results. 

I try to go to every wedding with a t least a couple of ideas  be that letter fun or in the case of the wedding at The Aviator Hotel   (http://www.aviatorbytag.com/)  it was a no brainer to go with the a couple of planes in my pocket!

Taking some props along can make a big difference but some of my favorite images and IMHO the best are when you just happen upon something at the venue that helps make the perfect photo.

I literally fell over this little patch of mushrooms whilst having a quick stroll around the grounds at The Marwell Hotel (http://www.marwellhotel.co.uk/) the rings look great and the autumn colours tied in amazingly with the brides colour pallet.

As I mentioned - i always try to have a couple of ideas - the leaves had just the most amazing colours and the choice was absolutely endless.


All of the photo's can bee seen at www.nickallsopweddingphotography.com


Come and meet us at the Eternity with love wedding fair at the Millennium centre in Cardiff February 19 2017 .